Welcome to Flight Mode Aviation Ground School for the career oriented pilots. We assure you the highest standards and quality education that you expect from a professional flight academy.

Flight Mode Aviation focuses on student-centered learning delivered through dedicated career oriented staff, who offer you detailed, professional training in all phases of your aviation education and who genuinely care about your success.

We have programs that cater specifically students who already have a license from a different country or need to convert their license. Feel free to contact us with your individual and specific needs and we’ll help you determine what is required. We will do everything in our power to help you make a smooth transition to the beautiful city up in the sky from ground level.

We live in a challenging time, but believe the opportunities in aviation are great. At Flight Mode Aviation, we’ve done our homework to streamline our programs so they are tightly focused, selective and targeted. Flight Mode Aviation opens a whole new world of discovery, innovation, and opportunity for graduates as they are prepared with the knowledge that leads to a successful career as a pilot.

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Our Mission

The main mission of Flight Mode Aviation is to make you an confident and professional pilot. We approach each student as individually as possible, we try to meet your needs as much as possible and set the training according to the needs.

Flight Mode Aviation graduates are prepared with the knowledge and experience that lead directly to high demand pilot careers in aviation domestically and internationally. Our way of becoming a pilot is the easiest and straight forward.

Our mission is a commitment to our students, and that commitment is all about students achieving the pilot career of their dreams. To accomplish this, we help each student develop an individual pilot career pathway. Along this pathway, there will be challenges and trials, but the reward is far greater. We work tirelessly to help our students every step of the way.



The demand for well-qualified pilots continues to expand.  According to the Boeing Company, “To operate and maintain the airplanes that will be added to the fleet over the next 20 years, the world’s airlines will need an additional 466,650 trained pilots and 596,500 maintenance personnel.”   Furthermore, “North America will need 97,350 pilots; Europe will need 94,800 pilots; Africa will need 13,200 pilots; the Middle East will need 32,700 pilots; Latin America will need 37,000 pilots; and the CIS will need 11,000 pilots.”

We invite you to start your pilot pathway at FMA today by completing the Request Information From above, calling us directly or exploring our proven pathway to becoming a Professional Pilot.